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Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

The SAP Higher Education and Research User Group (HERUG) is soliciting proposals for speakers for breakout sessions for the annual conference, which will be held at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany in May 2007.

HERUG Mission and Goals

The overall mission of HERUG is to foster the development and more effective delivery of SAP functionality to the higher education and research community.

The User Group will act as a liaison between SAP and HER Member Institutions and between the Institutions themselves. See Mission and Goals on the HERUG website for additional information.


The theme of the 2007 HERUG will be:

"Making IT Count: The Impact of SAP on Our Universities"

In planning the conference, our goal is to provide a forum for discussions which closely link questions of strategic management of member institutions with current operational projects or plans related to SAP. The idea is that SAP-universities will/must be interested in embedding their SAP-Landscape into a general IT-Strategy which connects actual and future institutional objectives with state of the art technology.

Thus, we invite members to submit papers discussing their use, or planned use, of the SAP solution (and SAP partner solutions) to make an impact on the future of their Universities by executing a strategy or solving an operational challenge.

Presentation format and Subjects

The presentation may fit in half hour or one hour format.

We are open to papers which discuss high-level approaches, or which drill down into functional levels. But mostly we are interested in opening the space between the strategic and the tactical: in other words, the use of SAP (and non-SAP) technology to take the University's vision and make it operational.

Examples of possible topics are:
Current challenges of HE Institutions (Track 1)

  • Ten Things SAP Needs to Know About Higher Education
  • The Universities of Tomorrow - What Will They Look Like, and How Do We Plan to Be One of Them?
  • Making Our University More Competitive
  • What Do Students really Want?
  • What is a "Best Business Practice" for a University?
  • Bologna as Challenge and Opportunity

IT-Management in Universities (Track 2)

  • CIO as Chief Innovation Officer?
  • Stakeholder Management and IT-Projects
  • Measuring The Value of Our IT Projects
  • Aligning IT Projects with Institutional Goals
  • Controlling and Maintaining the SAP-Solution

The Technological Frontline (Track 3)

  • Ten Things Higher Education Needs to Know About SAP
  • What Happens After ERP?
  • Addressing Our Pain Points with SAP technology
  • Web Services in Higher Education
  • Working with SAP Software Partners
  • The Promise and Possibility of Enterprise SOA for the University
  • What is a "Research Management" Solution?

We also invite proposals for panel discussions, joint papers, and other formats (case studies, best practice projects). We also invite suggestions regarding what you would like to hear addressed by SAP representatives.

Speaker Deadlines

Submissions: April 6th, 2007

Submitters notification of acceptance: April 20th, 2007

Preparation of Submissions

  • Title of subject
  • Track (please indicate to which of the Tracks (1-3) your presentation fits the best)
  • Brief Speakers Biography
  • Speakers name(s), mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Please let us know of any special requirements

Please submit this information electronically as text e-mail or as a WORD or PDF Document here (herug@fu-berlin.de).