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Campus Management Project

Campus Management Project

By implementing the integrated campus management project, the Freie Universität Berlin has implemented the reform of the higher education system.  The procedures and processes introduced for the new Bachelor and Master programmes are in accordance with the agreed European standards. By introducing the "Campus Management" system, an efficient IT support has been created; the software selected is "SAP Campus Management".  It is a component of future service-oriented information and communication technology providing all required data and tools to students, professors and the administration. The project objectives consist in

  • creating and implementing uniform cross-departmental processes for organising new studies programmes;

  • providing efficient integrated IT support;

  • ensuring a reliable, non-redundant data stock with secure access;

  • supporting the university-wide harmonisation of processes which facilitate the organisation of studies by introducing uniform standards;

  • providing comprehensive training to employees to enable them to integrate the new technical tools into their work flows in an appropriate and supportive manner so as to derive the maximum possible benefit for all persons involved.

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