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Our team consists of several scholarly volunteers with ample expertise in the field of psychological assessment. The scientific team includes

  • Dr. Sibylle Detel (CEO of FU Diagnostik, a consulting company for diagnostic purposes)

  • B.Sc. Alexandra Göbel (psychologist and master level student at the Freie Universität Berlin)

  • cand. B.Sc. Gregory Gutmann

  • B.Sc. Hannah Klusmann (psychologist and part of the Freie Universität test library team)

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Krumm, Freie Universität Berlin

  • Prof. Dr. Michela Schröder-Abé, University of Potsdam

  • Prof Dr. Matthias Ziegler, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Zimmermann, Psychologische Hochschule Berlin

In addition, many students from all the participating universities volunteer in collecting information about questionnaires, help in adapting questionnaires, consult translators, and communicate with other experts.

Want to join the team? Please contact (dab[at]psychologie.fu-berlin.de)

Want to know more? Please contact (dab[at]psychologie.fu-berlin.de)