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Practical Contributions

Diagnostics across borders offers expertise to tailor test situations to specifics of refugees and, ultimately, to enhance validity and fairness.

Our practical contributions, so far, include:

  • Item screening of a large battery of tests designed to gauge competency levels of refugees. We checked hundreds of items with regard to item phrasing standards as an initial step in assuring their psychometric soundness.
  • Recommendation of tests for our partners, who act as consultants for refugees willing to enter the domestic labor market.
  • Translation of the WHO-DAS into Arabic language.
  • As part of a large project led by Bertelsmann Foundation, two teams at Humboldt Universität Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin were responsible for an initial screening of the quality of test items for potential inclusion in a large battery of competency tests. These competency tests will enable refugees to assess their job-related competencies. Their aim is to facilitate refugees’ entry into the domestic labor market, especially when formal professional training certificates obtained in countries of origin are not available or not transferable to the domestic labor market.

In Progress:
If you are planning a project with refugees and diagnostics and you are interested in our participation or advise please contact stefan.krumm[at]fu-berlin.de.