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The Dahlem Humanities Center is a host institution for scholars in the humanities from Germany and abroad. The scholars, most of whom work at the postdoctoral level, are funded by external funding institutions and benefit from the intellectual life at the Dahlem Humanities Center, the Freie Universität Berlin, and the city of Berlin. In particular, the Dahlem Humanities Center has welcomed fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the now discontinued Postdoctoral Fellowship Program of the Volkswagen Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The DHC is also host institution for the joint Fellowship of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes and the American Council of Learned Societies (CHCI-ACLS).

In cooperation with the Benaki Museum (Athens), the Dahlem Humanities Center and the Centrum Modernes Griechenland award the Leigh Fermor House Fellowship

Humanities scholars interested in becoming associated with the Dahlem Humanities Center may contact the managing director of the DHC, sending along a CV (academic background and publications) as well as a short project description. Prerequisite for association with the DHC is a suitable match of research interests with a professor from among the DHC membership or with another professor from the humanities departments at Freie Universität Berlin, with whom a working or mentoring relationship should be established.

Current Fellows

Mahshid Mayar (2024/25)

Mariam Rahmani (CHCI-ACLS Fellow 2024)

Alexis Radisoglou (2023/24)

María del Pilar Blanco (2023/24)


Former Fellows

Florian Fuchs (2022)

The Visual Afterlife of Theory – Harun Farocki’s Procedures

Matthew Morrison (CHCI-ACLS Fellow)

Blacksound: Making Race and Popular Music in the United States

Chunjie Zhang

World as Method. Cosmopolitan Thinking in German and Chinese Modernist Cultures 

Marius Buning

Mathematical Dialectics. The Art of Demonstration by Simon Stevin

 Alice Sullivan (Fellow der Volkswagen Stiftung und der Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

Medieval Art in Eastern Europe: Art, Architecture, and Visual Culture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Cultural Spheres

Nicolae Virastau (Fellow der Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

Autobiography in Early Modern France: 1450–1650

Marta-Laura Cenedese (Visiting Fellow)

Imaginative Encounters: Irène Némirovsky and Charlotte Salomon in the Twenty-First Century

Anna-Sophie Jürgens (Fellow der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung 2019/20)

Clown in the Machine: Popular Arts and Technology

Gesa Frömming (Dahlem Postdoc Fellowship 2017/19)
Acting in Concert: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Tone (1680-1836)

Marius Buning (Dahlem Postdoc Fellowship 2017/19)
Mathematical Dialectics. The Art of Demonstration by Simon Stevin

Jennifer Allen (Fellow der Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2018/19)
Insurance Against Total Destruction: A Postwar History of German Plans to Save The World

Chunjie Zhang (Visiting Fellow am Dahlem Humanities Center 2018/19)
World as Method. Cosmopolitan Thinking in German and Chinese Modernist Cultures

Omri Ben-Yehuda (Minerva, Max-Planck Gesellschaft, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017/19)
Mann's Joseph: Judaism and Humanism

Hillel Ben-Sasson (Dahlem Postdoc Fellowship 2017/18)
On Repentance - A Philosophical Account

Vikram Visana (Dahlem Postdoc Fellowship 2017/18)
'Regenerating the Tribal Soul': Colonial Thought and Indirect Rule in the Sudan, 1899

Katja Herges (Andrew and Florence White Fellowship 2018)
Vital Matter: Life, Chronic Illness and Care in Contemporary German Life Writing

Elizabeth Brogden (Visiting Fellow am Dahlem Humanities Center 2017/18)
Stealing from the Story: Forms of Narrative Evasion in the Age of the Novel

Alexei Evstratov (POINT 2016/17)
Watching the human comedy. Theatrical experience and social knowledge in France from Diderot to the
"freedom of the theatres" (1750s-1864)

Ágota Révész (POINT 2015/17)
China Enters the Stage

Iris Roebling-Grau (Fritz Thyssen Stiftung 2014/17)
Imitatio and Identification: Teresa de Ávila, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Jonathan Littell

Laura Leon-Llerena (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2017)
Restoring the Illegible: Unexpected Indigenous Uses of Writing in Early Colonial Peru

Ilaria Scaglia (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2016/17)
The Emotions of Internationalism: 'Feeling' International Cooperation on the Mountains in the Interwar Period

Aideen Carty (POINT 2015/17)
Splintered Sparta: Factions and Foreign Policy to c. 470 BC

Jakub Stejskal (POINT 2015/17)
Between Enchantment and Disenchantment: Reconciling Philosophical and Anthropological Theories of Art

Stefano de Bosio (POINT 2015/17)
Toward an Epistemology of Mirror Images: Shifting Paradigms of Image Reversal in the Visual Arts of the Early Modern Italy

Daniela Hahn (Dahlem International Network PostDoc 2014/16)
Ästhetiken des Dokuments. Künstlerische Historiographien seit 1989

Eva Fotiadi (POINT 2014/16)
Aesthetics of Events in Public Space. Performative Artistic and Political Interventions in Athens (Greece) Since 2000

Jan Niklas Howe (Dahlem International Network PostDoc 2014/16)
Genie-Ästhetik und Kreativitäts-Dispositiv

Dana Weber (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2015/16)
An Interdisciplinary Study of German Popular Festivals as Products and Expressions of Cultural Transfer

Reed Winegar (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2015/16)
Kant and the Conflicts of Reason

Stephanie Elsky (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2015/16)
Time Out of Mind: The Poetics of Custom and Common Law in Renaissance England

Jonathan Blake Fine (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2015/16)
Throwing down the Gauntlet: Intellectual Polemic in the Public Eye of Late Enlightenment Germany

Robert Ari Friedlander (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2015/16)
Rogue Sexuality: The Erotics of Social Status in Early Modern England

Daniele Salvoldi (POINT 2014/16)
Locations, Relations and Interactions: Mapping and Interpreting the Ancient Landscape of Nubia through the Unpublished Archive of William John Bankes (1815-1822)

Zemian Zheng (POINT 2013/15)
A Comparative Study of Emotions and Moral Consciousness: Between Max Scheler’s Phenomenological Ethics and Zhu Xi’s Neo Confucianism

Elizabeth Bonapfel (Volkswagen Stiftung und  Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2014/15)
Punctuating Presences:  How Punctuation “Marks” Voice

Chunjie Zhang (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2014/15)
German Transcultural: Travel, Literature and Philosophy around 1800

Hajnalka Kovacs (Zukunftsphilologie 2014/15)
The Debate on the Indian vs. Iranian Usage of Persian and the Formation of the Canon of Persian Poetry in Eighteenth-Century India

Lewis Doney (Zukunftsphilologie 2014/15)
The Foundations and Transformations of Tibetan Buddhist Historiography

Joydeep Bagchee (Zukunftsphilologie 2014/15)
Critical Editing of Sanskrit Texts: The Mahābhārata and the Rāmāyana

Gaia Gubbini (Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung 2014/15)
Pneuma: Breaths, Sighs and Spirits in Medieval Romance Literature

Luciana Villas Bôas (Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung 2014/15)
The Language and Politics of Colonial Translation in Sixteenth-Century Brazil

Igor Candido (Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung 2014)
Petrarch and Boccaccio as Pre-modern Humanists

Kata Gellen (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2013/14)
Das Versprechen des Ostens? Der osteuropäische deutsch-jüdische Roman im 20. Jahrhundert

Jakob Norberg (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2013/14)
The Cliché: Critical Theories of Tedious Language

Cristina Savettieri (Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung)
Theories and Practices of the Modern Tragic

Simon Mills (POINT 2013/14)
The reception of the historical and geographical writings of the Arabic author Abu’l-Fidā’ (1273-1331) among European oriental scholars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Quinn Slobodian (Volkswagen Stiftung und Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2013/14)
The Discipline of the World Economy: Émigrés against the Global New Deal, 1936-1980

Pavel Blažek (IRF Program 2012)
Household. Marriage and Gender in Medieval Thought. Bartholomew of Bruges' Commentary on the Pseudo-Aristotelian Economics (1309)

Ioana Vultur (POINT 2012)
Cultural History or Cultural Evolution?

Jörg Volbers (Juniorforum I, 2011/12)
Situierte Vernunft. Praxistheorie, Pragmatismus und das Problem der Kritik

Ghassan El Masri (Juniorforum I, 2011/12)
From Ethos to Ethics. The Poeticity of the Moral Transformation at the Rise of Islam

Leon Antonio Rocha (IRF Program 2012)
Creating a Canon of "Chinese Sexology": Ye Dehui's Shadow of the Double Plum Tree Anthology (1903-1914)

Scott J. Rufolo (IRF Program 2012)
Zooarchaeological Contributions to Understanding Patterns of Social Evolution in Northern Mesopotamia from the Ubaid to the Early Bronze Age

Nils F. Schott (IRF Program 2012)
The Political Theology of Secular Catechisms

Eleonora Vratskidou (IRF Program 2012)
Genius and the Psychological Turn in Aesthetics in the late 19th Century: the Work of Gabriel Séailles and Georgios Vizyinos

Ruth S. Noyes (IRF Program 2012)
Bitter Pills. Peter Paul Rubens, Cesare Baronio, and the Counter-Reformation Crisis over the Beati moderni

Lucy Maddux Alford (2012)
Unfolding Presence: Poetic Attention through the Lens of the Twentieth Century

James Brandon Pelcher (2012)
Unwillkürliche αληθεια: Vergessen(heit) bei Heidegger und Proust

Eva Hausdorf (Juniorforum I, 2011/12)
Staub zu Staub. Ein Material in der Kunst zwischen Schöpfung und Verfall

Dörte Rokitta-Krumnow (Juniorforum I, 2011/12)
Frühe Formen sozialer Differenzierung. Der archäologische Nachweis im levantinischen Neolithikum

Bryan Klausmeyer (2011)
Humoristische Dialektik: Eine Untersuchung der Subjektivität und Zeit im Werk von Jean Paul und Hegel

Clara Pacquet (DAAD, 2010) Ästhetik von Karl Philipp Moritz (1756-1790)

Tatiana Korneeva (Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, 2010)
Das Motiv der „rivalisierenden Schwestern“ in der Literatur weiblicher Autoren (17.-19. Jhdt.) : Vom französischen Märchen zum englischen Roman

Robert McCulloch (2010)
Disruptive Relics: Investigations of the Intersection of History, Memory, and Language in Sebald and Benjamin

Malte Wessels (2009)

Noël Reumkens (2008)