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Leon Antonio Rocha


Leon Antonio Rocha

(University of Cambridge)

Fellow in the Context of the International Research Fellowship Program IRF 2012

May – October 2012

Creating a Canon of "Chinese Sexology": Ye Dehui's Shadow of the Double Plum Tree Anthology (1903-1914)

This project broadly investigates the reception of and resistance to Western sexual sciences in China, and the invention of a tradition of "Chinese sex" and "Chinese sexology", in the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century. It focusses on the book-collecting activities and the philological scholarship of Hunanese literatus Ye Dehui (1864-1927), particularly the making of his Shadow of the Double Plum Tree Anthology (Shuang mei jing an cong shu, 1903-1914) and its subsequent reception among European Sinologists.