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CAS-Working Papers are characterized by a trancultural and/or interdisciplinary orientation.

We welcome works that deal with different regions as well as such that concentrate on one region. Out of the papers that focus on one region, we favour those which could be of interest for experts of other regions as well. As to interdisciplinarity, we are especially interested in contributions that connect the perspecitves of social science and humanities.

CAS-Working Papers will include contributions from scholars in Germany as well as from abroad.

-> Call for CAS Working Papers (german, english, spanish) (pdf)

CAS-Working Papers are also available through the document server of the FU.

About new CAS Working Papers report the "News" section of this website and the CAS Newsletter.

  •  Doris Bachmann-Medick

Transnational und translational:
Zur Übersetzungsfunktion der Area Studies

-> CAS-WP No 1-15 (pdf)

  • Judith Schühle:

Medicine murder of people with albinism in Tanzania – how casino capitalism creates rumorscapes and occult economies

    -> CAS-WP No 2-13 (pdf)

    -> abstract (pdf)

  • James Dorson:  

The Aesthetics of Mastery.
American Literary Naturalism and the Cultural Foundations of Bureaucracy

   -> CAS-WP No 1-13 (pdf)

   -> abstract (pdf)

  • Philipp Altmann:

The Concept of Interculturality in Ecuador.
Development and Importance for its Agents

    -> CAS-WP No 1-12 (pdf)

    -> abstract (pdf) 


  • Britta Rutert / Hansjörg Dilger / Gilbert Motlalepula Matsabisa:

Bioprospecting in South Africa: Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Knowledge Economy - a Field in the Becoming

-> CAS-WP No 1-11 (pdf)

-> abstract (pdf)


  • Arnd Bauerkämper:

Von der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft zur Zivilgesellschaft.
Überlegungen zu den Trägern und zur Handlungspraxis sozialen Engagements am Beispiel Deutschlands im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert in globalhistorischer Perspektive

-> CAS-WP No 1-10 (pdf)

-> abstract (pdf)


  • Martin A. Hainz:

Die Czernowitzer

-> CAS-WP No 1-09 (pdf)

-> abstract (pdf)


  • Kazuo Ogoura:

 Japan’s Postwar Cultural Diplomacy

-> CAS-WP No 1-08 (pdf)

-> abstract (pdf)