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Call for Papers

Call for CAS Working Papers (pdf, 1,7 MB)

CAS guidelines for publications (pdf)


CAS-Working Papers are characterized by a trancultural and/or interdisciplinary orientation.

We welcome works that deal with different regions as well as such that concentrate on one region. Out of the papers that focus on one region, we favor those which could be of interest for experts of other regions as well. As to interdisciplinarity, we are especially interested in contributions that connect the perspectives of social science and humanities.

CAS Working Papers will include contributions from scholars in Germany as well as from abroad.

CAS Working Papers would like to reach researchers and students from the different Area Studies. Furthermore, the Workings Papers are targeted towards interested persons from politics, economics, NGOs and media. Given that the contributions reach both public from other disciplines as well as Area Studies and non-university professional audience, we kindly ask you to submit a clearly and comprehensively written paper.

An evaluation ensures the quality of the contributions: Each submitted Working Paper is evaluated by experts from the Area Studies.

CAS Working Papers are published in digital format. The CAS distributes the papers via its website, the University Library’s document server, different online libraries as well as websites and via its own mailing list. Moreover, printed copies are delivered to selected libraries.

The Working Papers are not published regularly. Contributions that fit into the series are always welcome and may be submitted at any time. We kindly ask authors for respecting the CAS guidelines for publications.

In case you have further questions, please contact the CAS Office.

If you wish to be informed about new CAS publications, please subscribe to our mailinglist.