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Group Study Rooms

The Campus Library has group study rooms for up to eight people to work and study together. You can reserve those rooms through an online booking form.

There are two more rooms suitable for group work, the "Multifunktionsraum" in the newpart of the building and group study room 13 on level 6 of the older part of the building. Another special room is the parent-child-room. Those three rooms cannot be booked online.

Please turn to the Information Desk with all questions about using and reserving rooms.

Tel.: 838-56384, e-mail: cbauskunft@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Zur Reservierung der Gruppenarbeitsräume


  • In order to book a group study room through the online booking system, you have to be a Freie Universität member.
  • Log in to the booking system with your ZEDAT Account. Your personal data are visible only to you and the room administration team.
  • Reservations are possible in advance for up to two weeks as well as for the current day.
  • Reservation and initial booking are allowed for a maximum of four hours per day, for a maximum of three days per week, and for groups of two persons at least and not exceeding eight persons. Extensions on the current day are possible if there ar no requests by other users to use the room.
  • Reservations expire if the room has not been claimed 30 minutes after the appointed time.
  • Raumordnung für die Nutzung der Gruppenarbeitsräume in der Campusbibliothek

This is how it works:

  1. Select the desired day and room.
  2. Click on the line with the time you wish to have access to the room.
  3. Complete the form, stating: short description, name and size of your study group. Remember: At least two persons have to appear at the Campus Library and claim the room; otherwise you are not given access to the room.
  4. Specify starting and ending time for your booking.
  5. You can change our cancel your booking at all times.
  6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the room-booking system that you can forward to the other users in your group if you like.


There are eight rooms intended for groups of up to six people (new part of the building, rooms 1 to 8); two other rooms are intended for groups of up to eight people (older part of the building). In addition, there are three rooms for grups of up to four people in the older part of the building. The desk in the rooms are equipped with electircal sockets for notebooks. Multiplug extensions are available from the Information Desk against deposit. Access to the Internet is provided through wireless LAN via Eduroam or through FU-LAN.

Rooms Number of people
1 - 8 new part of building up to 6
9 - 11 older part of building up to 4
12 - 13 older part of building up to 8
Multi-Purpose Room approx. 40
Parent-Child Room