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User Book Trolley

The Campus Library provides lockable book trolleys for users to store books they need for their theses.

Who can book a trolley?

Trolleys are available for users who are working on doctoral theses, students who are preparing their master's examinations, pharmacy students preparing their Zweites Staatsexamen, and visiting scholars at the Freie Universität Berlin sciences, cultural studies, education, mathematics, computer science and psychology institutes. Students in doctoral programs are required to present their student cards, students preparing their master's examination or Zweites Staatsexamen in pharmacy are required to present a document issued by their department's examinations office confirming they have registered their thesis topic; visiting scholars are required to present a document signed by their host stating the duration of their contracts.

What is the assignment procedure?

Application forms are available from the Information Desk and downladable from this page (see below). Submit your application to the Information Desk. Applications are filed in the order in which they are received. You will be given a confirmation of receipt of your application, and you will be informed as soon as there is a trolley available. Applying early is advisable.

How long can the trolley be used?

Users working on doctorates and visiting scholars will be allowed to use the trolley for three months – with the option of renewing the agreement once. Students preparing their master's degree and pharmacy students preparing their Zweites Staatsexamen can use the trolley for four weeks with a maximum of two renewal options – depending on the demand situation. You can send an e-mail to raumbuchung@campusbib.fu-berlin.de in order to request a renewal or enquire about this service.

Trollies must not stand in hallways and walking spaces. In the newer part of the builing, there is space under the stairs on every level for parking the trollies at the end of each day.

Private items and library items that you have checked out can remain in the trolley at all times. However, all library items that you have not checked out must always be returned to their place when you are not actually using them.

Form for applying for a trolley

Regulations for use of trolleys

Contacts: raumbuchung@campusbib.fu-berlin.de