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Egyptian-German Alumni Convention of Freie Universität Berlin

The First Egyptian-German Alumni Convention of Freie Universität Berlin in Cairo took place on 21 September 2010. Dr. Michael Harms, the new head of the DAAD Cairo office, and Dr. Florian Kohstall, head of the Liaison Office, welcomed the guests in their speeches and underlined the importance of an international Alumni Network. The lecture " A history of water supply: Examples from the Near East and Along the Nile“, given by Professor Brigitta Schütt and her graduate students Brian Becker and Jonas Berking rounded out the scientific part of the evening. A cozy get-together offered Egyptian and German Alumni the opportunity to get in touch with each other.

The event was mainly attended by Egyptian alumni who once studied at the Freie Universität Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry or Egyptology. Meanwhile, many of them teach and research at Egyptian universities and represent a major partner in the courtship of Egyptian PhD candidates. German students of Freie Universität who now life and work in Cairo joined the Egyptian Alumni. Among them were the foreign correspondents Esther Saoub (ARD Radio) and Karim El Gawhary (ORF). Prof. Stephan Seidlmayer, who is now director of the German Archeological Institute in Cairo, held the Chair of Egyptology at Freie Universität Berlin.

The solemn event was also the prelude to the Lecture Series "Studies on Egypt and the Middle East in Berlin"  jointly organized by the German Academic Exchange Service, the German Archaeological Institute and the Liaison Office of Freie Universität in Cairo.