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Cairo Talks on Transformation and Change (CTTC)

The Cairo Talks on Transformation and Change (CTTC) aim to provide a platform to analyse the ongoing changes and assess the perspectives of political transition in Egypt. Each month renowned scholars from Egypt and Germany will address key topics of this transition period. Each talk will be animated by contributions from two scholars and will leave sufficient time for debate. CTTC are jointly organised by the Cairo Offices of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Freie Universität Berlin, and the German Orient Institute Beirut. CTTC are open to students, researchers, activists and the wider public. Light refreshments will be served after the talks to continue the debate in a more convivial setting.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"EU Home Affairs and Migration Policy in the Mediterranean"

or watch the full debate on YouTube

Prof. Christian Kaunert & Prof. Ibrahim Awad

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"The Internationalization of Higher Education in Egypt"

or watch the full debate on YouTube

Prof. Randa Aboubakr & Prof. Yasser Elshayeb

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

" Caring for the Poor? – Redistribution and social protection in Egypt and the Middle East"

or watch the full debate on YouTube

Dr. Markus Loewe & Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Menza


Thursday, 27 February 2014, 7 pm

“Love, life and law – The future of family politics in Egypt and Tunisia”

or watch the full debate on YouTube

Dr. Maaike Voorhoeve & Prof. Zeinab Khadr 

Monday, 10 December 2013, 7 pm

"It's the economy, stupid! - How political conflict effects economic development in Egypt - and reverse"

or watch the full debate on YouTube

Dr. Stephan Roll & Prof. Samer Atallah 


Wednesday, 5 June 2013, 7 pm

"Partners or just “friends”? The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Arab Spring"

Dr. Yasmine Farouk & Dr. habil. Johannes Becker


Wednesday, 8 May 2013, 7 pm

"From "liberal autocracy" to "illiberal democracy"? Why Egypt needs a reform of the media"

Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez & Prof. Dr. Rasha Abdullah


Tuesday, 19 March 2013, 7 pm

"Egypt's New Constitution: Towards a New Balance of Power?"

Prof. Dr. Mathias Rohe, Dr. Abdel Moneim Said & Dr. Ashraf Nabih El Sherif


Saturday, 01 December 2012, 7 pm

"Transforming Gender Relations: Challenges for Theory and Society"

Prof. Dr. Inas Abou Youssef & PD Dr. Martha Zapata Galindo,


Monday, 12 November 2012, 9 pm

"After America’s Presidential Elections: Implications for Egypt and Europe"

Prof. Dr. Lora Anne Viola & Prof. Dr. Ezzedine Choukri Fishere


Tuesday, 02 October 2012, 7:30 pm     

"From Rebellion to Reform: New Perspectives on Democracy"                 

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Krämer & Dr. Navid Kermani


Wednesday, 30 November 2011, 7 pm
"The Ballot and the Box: Egypt's first day of Parliamentary Elections"

Ivesa Lübben, Dr. Dina Shehata, Dr. Samer Soliman


Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 7pm
"Egyptian Women during the Revolution: Where are they now?"

Prof. Dr. Cilja Harders (FU Berlin) & Prof. Dr. Hania Sholkamy (AUC)


Sunday 14 June 2011, 7 pm
"Towards Parliamentary Elections: The new-old Rules of the Game"
Dr. Manar El-Shorbagy (AUC) & Dr. Florian Kohstall (FU Berlin)


Monday, 9 May 2011, 7 pm
"Back on Horseback: The Military and Regime Change in Egypt"

Dr. Holger Albrecht (AUC) & Dr. Jochen Staadt (FU Berlin)


Monday, 11 April 2011, 7 pm
"The State we are in: Constitutional Development towards Reform or Restoration"
Dr. Patricia Bauer (Cairo University) and Prof. Dr. Monem Al-Mashat (Cairo and Future University)