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FUBiS: Registration for term II & III 2019 is open!

FUBiS - International Summer and Winter University of the Freie Universität Berlin - offers intensive and semi-intensive German language classes in summer and winter.

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PhD opportunities at the Dahlem Research School of the FU Berlin

Doctoral Grants and Doctoral Memberships with NO DEADLINE for Applications at Graduate Schools of the Freie Universität Berlin #FUBerlinCairoSupports

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DAAD Funding line relaunched: German-Egyptian-Progress-Partnership

Programme Line 2: Short-term measures. Upcoming deadline is 01.04.2019 for activites between 1.7.2019 and 31.12.2019

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Apply for the FSGS-Summer School 2019 now!

The Summer School takes place from 24.–27.06.2019 in Leipzig and from 01.–04.07.2019 in Berlin on the topic of “The Politics of Literature – Literature and Politics”. Application Deadline April 2, 2019.

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Elsa-Neumann-Scholarships 2019

 Full-time, part-time, and completion grants for doctoral candidates. Deadline: 05 April 2019

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Wafedin scholarship for Germans in Egypt

Bis zu 9 Monate in Kairo einen Arabischkurs belegen und/oder sich als Gasthörer an einer staatlichen Universität einschreiben. Bewerbungsfrist: bis 15 April 2019.

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Opportunity in Cairo: Learning Arabic while experiencing Egypt!

Experience the Egyptian culture and life while intensifying your Arabic language skills. Arabic Course in Cairo at the Center of Excellence (EZ-DAAF) of Ain-Shams University from 01. September - 01. October. Deadline for Application is April 15, 2019.  

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Freie Universität Berlin Research Alumni

The Research Alumni Program is now offering new funding for research activities involving former visiting scholars (Research Alumni) and junior researchers in 2019-2020. Applications are  accepted until March 31, 2019.

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The Rising Star Programme of the Department of Biology Chemistry & Pharmacy

The Rising Star Programme aims to attract top-early-career-scientists to the Department of Biology Chemistry and Pharmacy. Applications must be submitted by May 31 and by November 31, 2019.

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