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Mar 12, 2019

Useful information on studying and doing reasearch at the FU Berlin as well as services and activitites of FU Berlin Cairo Office.

We are happy to reintroduce our two outspread hashtags. Freie Universität Berlin Cairo Office has launched two hashtags to make it easier for our repertoire on Facebook and website to find specific required piece of information.

 #FUBerlinCairoSupports provides interessted students, phd candidates and researchers regularly with information on the University, the Study Programms, Resarch Opportunities, Upcoming Calls, Deadlines and Application Procedures, Living in Berlin as well as the Services and Activitites of FU Berlin Cairo.

#FUBerlinInEgypt aims to keep you updated with the latest or upcoming visits and projects of our Freie Universität researchers in Egypt.

Keep on following our hashtags and our news on Facebook and website as well.