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Learn Arabic in Cairo

Mar 17, 2018

Arabic Course in Cairo at the Center of Excellence of Ain-Shams University from 03. September - 04.October 2018. Deadline for Application is 27. April 2018.

The Center of Excellence for the Study and Research of German and Arabic as foreign languages (EZ-DAAF) of Ain Shams University, in collaboration with the Liaison Office of Freie Universität Berlin in Cairo, offers an Arabic summer course for FU students. The course is designed for students of the Bachelor's degree program "Geschichte und Kultur des Vorderen Orients" who have already learned Arabic for two years. Students from other disciplines can also apply with comparable language skills (A2-B1).

The course combines Modern Standard Arabic, Media Arabic as well as regional dialects with a total of 96 hours and is built on the course contents of Arabic lessons at the Freie Universität Berlin.

FU-students may also apply for a PROMOS scholarship in order to receive financial support for the program.

Application must be sent by 27 April 2018 to cairo@zedat.fu-berlin.de. For detailed information, please see our Flyer.

More information on EZ-DAAF can be obtained on www.ez-daaf.org.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact 

Ms. Hoda El-Mahgoub: cairo@zedat.fu-berlin.de