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International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences

Nov 16, 2021

An interdisplinary, international graduate program, which addresses both students of medicine or of life sciences (biology, biophysics, chemistry, psychology etc.). Next deadline for application is January 15, 2022.

Medical Neurosciences focuses on translational research. The main objective is to bridge the gap between successes at the bench and treatment at the bedside. We integrate basic laboratory research and the clinic in terms of faculty, students, course content and infrastructure. The program covers the breadth of neuroscience from molecular neurobiology to cognition and neurovascular diseases.

For our doctoral program we are seeking candidates who have substantiated interest and experience in cell and molecular biology with a strong clinical connection in the field of Neuroscience. The ideal candidate can demonstrate an intense neuroscience education at the Master of Science level. You must be well-versed in subjects such as neurochemistry, neurobiology, neuroinflammation, neuroimmunology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuroendocrinology, and the like. You must have experience in laboratory research and ideally you have already published in the field.

Doctoral candidates can apply almost year round and have to be approved by the program's admission's and examination's commission. For this purpose, this commission meets regularly throughout the year.

Essential for admission are the following criteria:

  • a solid background in neurosciences (PhD) and medicine (MD/PhD)
  • a solid doctoral project to be presented in a detailed project plan
  • an offer of a doctoral supervision and funding (e.g. Doktorandenstelle TV E13 50% or scholarship)

Deadline for applications are

  • 15 January
  • 15 May
  • 15 September

Further information here