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Freie Universität Berlin at the 1st Digital German Science Week 2020

Oct 05, 2020

Representatives of FU Berlin participated at the first digital “German Science Week” that took place between the 13th-17th September 2020

This year and for the first time, the annual German Science Day has been extended and transformed into the "German Science Week". Around 300 doctoral and postdoctoral candidates registered for this edition of the German Science week that was organized by the DAAD Cairo office from 13th of September to the 17th of September 2020 daily from 12PM to 2PM. The German Science Week  intended to facilitate the exchange of doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates from Egypt and the MENA region with representatives of various German universities as well as DAAD alumni.

This year the German Science Week was concluded with a panel discussion on "Your Guide to the Academic Career in Germany". Dr. Florian Kohstall, Center for International Cooperation of the Freie Universität Berlin and Ms. Isabell Mering, Director of the DAAD Cairo Office together with representatives from German Embassy Cairo, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität München, Universität Marburg and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation gave the participants an overview on the academic career opportunities in Germany. The German Science Week opened  with a presentation on the German Research Landscape. Throughout the week, participants attended the presentations that were given by the representatives of various German universities to inform these outstanding PhD and Postdoc candidates about the latest research and development in their respective fields.

Additionally, Ms. Hoda El Mahgoub, Head of the FU Berlin Cairo Liaison Office gave a presentation on “Doing your PhD at Freie Universität”. The outstanding reach of the live Facebook streaming of the event and specifically on the last day during the presentation of FU Berlin and the panel discussion were a clear indication on the immense interest of the Egyptian PhD and postdoc candidates in the German research landscape

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