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Rising Star – Junior Fellowships in the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Apr 30, 2020

The Rising Star Fellowship Program aims to attract top-early-career-scientists to the Department of Biology Chemistry and Pharmacy. Applications must be submitted by 31 May 2020.


The Rising Star Fellowship Program of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy seeks to attract outstanding early-career researchers who have completed their doctorates within the last four years - preferably from abroad. The Rising Star fellows will take part in the research activities of their host-research groups, will be absorbed into existing research networks (CRCs, BBIB, PhD research groups, etc.) and will publish their results together with them.

The Fellowship Programme is intended to forge new connections and to further interdisciplinary research. Research fellows may not have had any close relationship with Freie Universität. Former doctoral graduates and employees of Freie Universität cannot be considered.

Applications must be submitted to the dean of the department BCP by May 31, 2020,
Email: dekan@bcp.fu-berlin.de

Further details are available website of the liaison Office Cairo.