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Get your PhD in Germany!

 Special Counselling Event for Egyptian PhD Candidates

News from May 28, 2014

In cooperation with DAAD and the German Science Center, the Cairo Offices of Freie Universität Berlin, TU Berlin, TU München and Universität Marburg hold a Special Counselling Event for Egyptian PhD Candidates. The four universities will present opportunities for individual and structured PhD programs. Professors from all four universities will offer special counselling hours to discuss research topics with the candidates.

The Cairo Offices of Freie Universität Berlin will present open position for PhD candidates. In addition, professors from the Freie Universität Berlin will offer the following Special Counselling Sessions:

  •  Prof. Dr.  Salah Amasheh: Veterinary Medicine /Veterinary Physiology & Dahlem Research School Biomedical Sciences
  •  PD. Dr. Dirk Andrae: Chemistry (Working Group: Dr. Beate Paulus ) & Graduate School Molecular Science
  •  Prof. Dr. Dieter Nautz: Economics & Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science

Registration for the event is mandatory and will open on 30 May on www.dwz-kairo.de

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