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Conference “Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence”

Young Researchers Conference in the Framework of the DAAD Project “Challenges and Transformations in the Wake of the Arab Spring”, Cairo, 19 - 21 October 2013

News from Jan 07, 2013

This interdisciplinary conference assesses changes and continuities in the field of economic, political and institutional developments, as well as in the cultural and knowledge-production dimension that have taken place in the course of the two years since. It will tackle economic, political and social questions in three parallel sessions. It specifically invites young researchers from the Arab region to participate.

Proposals dealing with one or more of the following subjects are highly welcomed:

 • Economic transformations

 • Political and institutional transformations

 • Social and cultural transformations.


The conference languages are English and Arabic. The organizers call on PhD students, Post-Docs and senior researchers, specifically those based in the Arab region, to submit their abstracts by 25 January 2013 to the following address: cairoconf@ymail.com. The travel expenditures will be covered to a large extent by a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) fund.

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