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Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies admits 15 new candidates and offers 10 scholarships



Closing date for the winter term 2013 will be November 30, 2012

News from Oct 07, 2012

The Graduate School investigates the plurality, changeability, and global connectedness of Muslim cultures and societies. Itinvites applications from candidates whose dissertation project fits one of the Graduate School’s Research Areas. Applications in the fields of education, communication, mediality, and media studies, and Islam and Muslims in the West are especially encouraged. Successful applicants will have a master’s degree in one of the disciplines represented at the Graduate School, with a ranking, where applicable, of above average. The language of communication is English. Admission is for one year, and, contingent upon a positive evaluation after the first year of study, will be extended for another twelve months. Admission and grantcan be extended for a total of three years.  

The complete application package must be submitted, compiled to one pdf file, by November 30th 2012, to: application@bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de

For more information please visit BGSMCS Hompage