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Doctoral Fellowships at the International Max Planck Research School on the Life Course (LIFE)

up to 3 three-year Doctoral Fellowships. Deadline: November 30, 2021.

News from Nov 16, 2021

The International Max Planck Research School on the Life Course (LIFE) is a joint international PhD Program of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the University of Michigan, the University of Virginia, and the University of Zurich. The goal of the Research School is the study of the development of human behavior from infancy to old age. LIFE takes an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to identifying, understanding, and possibly ameliorating the mechanisms and conditions that shape the human life course.

The target groups of the Research School are international post-master's graduate students who intend to pursue a doctorate in one of the relevant disciplines (biology, computer science, economics, educational science, neuroscience, psychology, sociology). As a collaborative Research School, LIFE offers unique training in the dynamics of human behavior on different time scales and includes opportunities for research abroad at one of the cooperating institutions. The training program involves seminars, a series of academies, and collaborative supervision of research training. 

Deadline: November 30, 2021. Decisions about admissions are scheduled for March 2022.

See www.imprs-life.mpg.de for details about the application procedure and the online application form. 


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