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PostDoc video complements range of information for junior researchers

News from Nov 25, 2015

The range of information on the liaison office^s website has been complemented by a PostDoc video testimonial. In the 8-minute-long video, Dr. Fraya Frehse, sociologist at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), answers questions about her postdoctoral stay in Berlin: Among other things, she tells viewers about how she met her supervisor, how she financed her stay and which challenges she faced in Germany. Click here for details and for the video.

The video complements the laison office's information for junior researcher, who are interested in doing research at Freie Universität Berlin. Next to the information available online, for example, a FAQ section for prospective doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, the São Paulo Office has been organizing workshops, for example, since 2014 twice per year for prospective doctoral researchers and since 2015 for postdoctoral researchers.

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