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Grant training workshop in São Paulo on "Turning a promising idea into a research project and an international career opportunity"

Apr 02, 2017 - Apr 04, 2017

Organizers: Freie Universität Berlin, Max Planck Regional Grants Office Southwest Germany, German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH São Paulo)

Objectives: Proposal writing and grant management training is provided by top institutions worldwide to help its scientists prepare competitive grant applications in a dominant international environment. Particularly, grant skills play an ever increasing role in the career development of young researchers.

The aim of the proposed workshops will be to convey a comprehensive understanding of the methods and technical know-how required to preparing successful international research proposals:
• turning a scientific idea into a feasible project (designing & grant writing)
• identifying and addressing suitable funding programs, incl. their policies & rules
• understanding & using career effects of the program families on independence
• addressing potential host institutions / supervisors / collaborative partners

The two 2.5 days workshops will be offered in both a 'taught' and a 'group work' (simulation game) format requiring the active involvement of the participants.

Target audience: Young researcher community in Brazil (PhD students, Post Docs, Young Faculty). While focusing on funding programs from the European Union, Germany, and Brazil, the workshop will seek to foster Brazil-German scientific collaboration and researcher mobility. Participants will benefit from an on-site opportunity to meet and interact with representatives of major funding agencies.

Grants covered
• European Union (all areas, collaborative and individual grants/fellowships)
• German Research Council (DFG grants/fellowships)
• German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD grants/fellowships)
• German research foundations (e.g. Volkswagen, Alexander-von-Humboldt grants/fellowships)
• German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Latin America cooperation related)
• FAPESP / CNPq / CAPES grants and fellowships

Mentors / speakers

- Professor Dr. Brigitta Schütt (Vice-President of Freie Universität Berlin), main speaker
- Patrice Wegener (Head of Max Planck Regional Grants Office Southwest Germany), main speaker
- Representatives from DFG and from FAPESP

Registration: Open until March 29, 2017, free of charge. Web link: https://tinyurl.com/j9glmj5

Time & Location

Apr 02, 2017 - Apr 04, 2017

Auditório do CEBRAP (tbc)
Rua Morgado de Mateus, 615
Vila Mariana
04015-051 São Paulo