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Strength & Impact

Since the program‘s establishment at the Freie Universität Berlin in 1986 it has supported more than 400 scholars many of whom now teach and complete research at some of the most influential universities and colleges in the US, Canada and beyond.

As 2011 marked the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Program, it seemed a good occasion to take stock. In May 2011 Berlin Program Alumni were invited to take part in an online survey designed to measure career paths and evaluate the impact of the Berlin Program fellowship by tracking key measures such as the strength of the program design, the use of academic resources during the fellowship period, the connectedness of alumni with academic institutions in Berlin/Germany as well as the productiveness of the alumni network. The survey  was sent to 248 alumni. We received 105 completed questionnaires, a fantastic response rate of 43%. We want to thank all those who took the time to share their thoughts.

Key Findings: The majority of respondents (79%) now teach and complete research at universities and colleges in the US, Canada and beyond. The overwhelming majority of respondents rated the opportunity provided by the fellowship to be highly beneficial for their professional life. The lasting connections with German academic institutions - both with Berlin universities and research institutes such as the WZB, the ZZF, the DIW, and Max-Planck institutes - reported by 68% of the respondents often resulted in cooperation or joint publications. The productive and enduring interaction of respondents with other Berlin Program Fellows even beyond their research stay is another facet of the program’s impact. Many respondents rated the program design, with its cohort structure, interdisciplinary research colloquium and generous funding a deciding factor in choosing the program over other offers. Almost all respondents (91%) wished to remain connected with the program and receive a semi-annual newsletter. Read full report.

Books by Berlin Program Alumni: Publications are a key measure of academic success. Please take a look at the impressive publications by Berlin Program Alumni. The selection lists books that were based on research conducted during their Berlin Program fellowship.