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Terms & Conditions

Make sure you have reviewed the key features of our awards in Fellowships Overview.

The Berlin Program is a residential program which offers a stimulating academic environment at one of German's leading research universities, Freie Universität Berlin. Fellows are therefore obliged to be in residence in Berlin, are required to participate in the program's research colloquium and to establish regular contacts with scholars in their field.

Research colloquium: Central to our program is our multidisciplinary research colloquium in which fellows are required to participate and present their work once during their fellowship and which is run in German.

Research travel necessary for the projects is endorsed, but should not conflict with the dates of our colloquium schedule.

Fellowship periods: All fellowships provide ten to twelve months of support and must be held for a single continuous period.

Starting dates

  • For the Berlin Program Fellowships we are able offer two commencement dates in accordance with our academic calendar. Fellows must choose either: October 1, 2021 (winter semester) or April 1, 2022 (summer semester).
  • Max Kade Berlin Fellowships start on October 1, 2021 (winter semester).
  • Kerstin Leitner Berlin Fellowships start on October 1, 2021 (winter semester).

Reapplications: The number of reapplications for each fellowship category is limited to two.

Late applications cannot be considered in the competition.

Your submission is final and cannot be edited or changed after submission.

Number of awards: Approximately fourteen fellows will be selected.

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