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Since the program‘s establishment at the Freie Universität Berlin in 1986 it has supported more than 370 scholars many of whom now teach and complete research at some of the most influential universities and colleges in the US, Canada and beyond. The support provided has funded both postdoc research (20% of the projects) and dissertation research projects (80%).

The important place the Berlin Program holds in European Studies is demonstrated by the quality of the scholars, their research and their publications. View a select list of monographs supported by our program. As to a brief statistical analysis of our fellows: among the strongest disciplines in our program are history,  political science, anthropology, German Studies, comparative literature, musicology and  sociology. An almost equal number of fellowships has gone to each gender.


Connections with the Berlin Program do not stop after the fellowship period in Berlin. Our Summer Workshops and the GSA Distinguished Lecture here at the FU Berlin as well as our Alumni Panels at the annual GSA conference, serve as sites for critical engagement. Through these events we seek to strengthen ties between fellows, alumni and the academic community in Berlin and beyond. More on recent and upcoming events


Our biannual newsletter keeps alumni informed about program events, alumni publications and careers as well as events and news at the Freie Universität Berlin.