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Call for Applications: Workshop: The Post-Conflict Syrian Cultural Heritage and Enhancing the Cultural Identity

Here you can find a call for another AiS co-funded workshop organized by an AiS Mentee at Free University Berlin, 28-29 May.

News from Feb 11, 2020

The Post-Conflict Syrian Cultural Heritage and Enhancing the Cultural Identity
Since 2011, the Syrian conflict has transformed the revolt against a dictatorial regime into an identity conflict associated with religious and/or ethnic aspects. This transformation has brought to light many critical historical questions concerning Syrian identity and its various ethnic communities, where cultural heritage is a victim of political/ideological exploitation, looting and destruction.
This workshop aims to discuss the reciprocal relationship between the cultural heritage on one side, and the cultural identity and collective memory on the other. This would be discussed on two main levels: 1. Safeguarding, destruction and reconstruction (restoration) and 2. Enhancing the post‐conflict Syrian identity (social cohesion). The workshop would raise some key questions: How did /do the ideological policies (e.g. Nationalist and Islamist ideologies) exploit Syrian cultural heritage in order to impose a homogenous identity (stereotypical historical narratives)? How did/do these narratives effect the protection, destruction and reconstruction of historical monuments? Which alternative interpretations or past narratives can be used to recognize a much more widely defined Syrian identity? How can cultural heritage be introduced as a source of cohesion within a society consisting of different cultural identities, without imposing obligatory narratives? What should be remembered from recent and remote past? How can collective memories be used as an essential concept in the “reconstruction” of cultural heritage?

Workshop Fee: No fees required. Travel expenses and accommodation for 2
nights are supported up to 5 participants

Interested participants should kindly send their proposals by 10. April. 2020 to

May 28‐29, Free University, Hittorfstraße 18, 14195 Berlin
Organized by Dr Tarek Ahmad, Junior Fellow FU
Supported by: Institute of Classical Archaeology, Free University, Berlin‐ Germany; Academics in Solidarity, Free University

The full call can be found here.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research