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Webinar series "Research Funding"

At-risk and displaced scholars are invited to apply by 10 December 2020.

News from Dec 08, 2020

The webinar series "Research Funding" will consist of two online sessions, which will take place in the morning of 22 January and 29 January 2021. Each session will include a preparatory e-learning module (up to one hour) to be completed before the online meeting.

The first webinar, titled “Developing a research funding strategy”, will center on clarifying medium to long-term research goals of the participants and identifying ways to realize them. It will provide guidance on exploiting research funding opportunities offered by German and selected international funding agencies to build resources and capabilities for further career advancement.

The second webinar “Applying for research funding” will offer hands-on advice on preparing a competitive research proposal. It will cover key issues, such as what makes a fundable research project, understanding the evaluation process, structuring the case for support, language and elements of style, scheduling the writing process, and getting support.

To apply, please send to AiS your most recent academic CV and a short letter of motivation (max. 250 words), specifying for which research project/theme you would like to acquire external funds and how familiar you are with the German and/or European research funding agencies (incl. your prior experiences in applying/receiving funding). Applications should be sent in PDF format to ais@fu-berlin.de with a subject line: Application – Webinars "Research Funding".

If selected for participation, you will be expected to commit to the both webinars. 

Applications are accepted until 10 December 2020. The webinar series is open to at-risk and displaced scholars based in Germany, Jordan and Lebanon.

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