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Reminder: Call for Papers "Intersections Gender Studies in Exile"

Deadline ends on 15 September 2021.

News from Sep 13, 2021

This thematic issue aims to bring together scholars with an interest in conducting gender studies research in challenging, or in some cases hostile, circumstances, especially in countries where gender studies as an academic discipline is being delegitimized by state authorities. The editors welcome papers that explore theoretically and/or empirically the strategies, narratives, and underlying motivations that fuel such campaigns against gender studies as well as their academic and social impact. They are equally interested in contributions that focus on responses and counter strategies developed by gender studies scholars and scholars in exile in general. They also encourage the application of a broad understanding of exile, including external exile and various forms of inner exile such as a condition of voicelessness, and non-territorial exile at home.

The guest editors Judit Takács and Achim Rohde encourage submissions from inter- and transdisciplinary fields related to gender studies and social sciences in general, and particularly from scholars who feel that the value of their scholarship is questioned, their academic freedom is threatened and/or those who are in forced or self-imposed absence from their home because of their academic involvement. Papers should combine novel empirical material with sound theory.

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