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Online Workshop "Career Planning with Academic Portfolio"

On 7 October 2020, Academics in Solidarity organized the online workshop to support AiS mentees in their academic career planning.

Academic Portfolio

Academic Portfolio
Image Credit: Pexels

In many countries, an Academic Portfolio is indispensable for job applications in the academic sector, both for short-term postdoc positions immediately after the PhD and for (tenure-track) professorial positions. Moreover, it can be used not only for university job applications, but also for strategic career planning and general career orientation. An Academic Portfolio provides an opportunity to detail professional experiences in teaching, research, and academic administration and service. It is a summary of major activities and accomplishments, documenting the nature and extent of one’s contributions and achievements. Moreover, it creates a narrative, which allows a scholar to stand out as an individual. This workshop brought together twelve AiS mentees, providing them with practical guidelines for assembling personal Academic Portfolios for career planning and job applications.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research