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Academics in Solidarity

Academics in Solidarity

Academics in Solidarity (AiS) is a peer-mentoring program that connects discplaced and at-risk researchers with scholars in Germany, Lebanon and Jordan. The program ran from 2019 to 2023 and has officially come to an end in 2024. 

While the program was in place, it seeked to create a network of solidarity, strengthen transnational research cooperation and offers university support to members of the AiS-network. The program offered its members access to mentoring, academic counseling, systematic network building, and funding opportunities for small research endeavors. The project has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) between 2019-2022 and was funded and hosted by the Freie Universität Berlin between 2022-23.

Information on the previous structure of Academics in Solidarity can be found in the initial Flyer and the General Guidelines.


Emails to the former project mail (ais@fu-berlin.de) will not be responded to. If you have inquiries regarding the program, you may contact former AiS-member Florian Kohstall: florian.kohstall@fu-berlin.de.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research