German Schools Abroad and Partner Schools

Freie Universität Berlin works with German schools abroad and partner schools. The university has cooperative arrangements in place with schools in various countries in Europe as well as Asia, Africa, and North and South America. The university maintains a special coordination office for this purpose, offering advice to different groups affiliated with German schools abroad:

  • Students and parents
  • Graduates

Help Getting Started in an Academic Program

In the summer semester of 2011, the university unveiled a special support program for students who decide to study at Freie Universität Berlin: A new network of graduates of German schools abroad who are already studying at Freie Universität has been established. These students now help other graduates of German schools abroad who are new in Dahlem to get their bearings in everyday life at the university.

Regular Network Meetings

The idea of establishing the network comes from the beneficiaries of the BIDS (Betreuungs-Initiative Deutsche Auslands- und Partnerschulen) project of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The project supports German higher education institutions in bringing well-qualified students from German schools abroad to Germany for a full course of study and helps universities give these candidates the right level of support during the application phase and following their successful enrollment.

Regular network meetings offer students an opportunity to talk, get to know each other’s cultures, and help each other during the initial phase of their studies and as they get used to everyday life in Berlin.