Small Animals Science

- Continuing education

Department of Veterinary Medicine
Small Animal Clinic
PD Dr. Kerstin Müller
Oertzenweg 19b
14163 Berlin
(030) 838-460 157

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For admittance to the master’s program applicants need to fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • Program participants must be licensed veterinarians in Germany or hold an equivalent degree in veterinary medicine from a foreign university.

  • Participants must prove a minimum of one year work experience in addition to their undergraduate or first degree.

The admission is limited.

The DSH - or German Language University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students - is obligatory for all applicants whose first language is not German and who have earned their initial degree from a university (or equivalent institution) where the language of instruction is not German.

Students are currently required to pay tuition fees of 2,000 Euro per year in addition to general semester fees and dues.

The program in small-animal science provides students with thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of small-animal medicine. It is application-oriented and ties in with students’ professional experience in the field of veterinary medicine. Students familiarize themselves with the thematic foundations, the elementary methods facilitating decisions and the conditions under which these methods’ are being applied, and learn to orient themselves within the relevant area of small-animal medicine. By taking this approach, the program can support students to integrate theoretical and practical foundations of small-animal medicine into professional practice.

Admission for the 1st semester
Limited admissions
Admission for higher semesters
No admission
Application and registration period
20.01. - 30.06.
Program start
Winter semester
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
6 semesters