Welcome to Freie Universität Berlin Program

“Welcome to Freie Universität Berlin” is an extensive package of academic offerings and services aimed at making it easier for people who have had to leave their homeland to gain access to study programs.

اقرأها بالعربية

Film about Freie Universität Berlin in Arabic

German Language Classes

German language skills are important for candidates who wish to start or continue a course of study in Germany. With this in mind, the Freie Universität offers in the winter semester 2016/2017 beginner level (A1-B1) German language courses for up to 100 refugees who are prospective students (intensive courses/ 4 days a week). The objective is to pave the way for these students to enter a regular degree program. The online application for the winter semester closed on 31 August, 2016. The next registration period for new courses next year will be announced here in due time.

Attending Selected Courses

Refugees living in Berlin or Brandenburg who are interested in a degree program have an opportunity to attend selected courses from the university free of charge (6 weekly credit hours maximum).

From the 2016 summer semester onward, formal certificates of credit for coursework within the program can be earned. These certificates will then be eligible for credit as part of a later degree program.

Studienkolleg Preparatory Program

The Studienkolleg at Freie Universität is a year-long course that aims to prepare you to successfully enroll in a degree program at the university. Starting with the 2016/17 fall/winter semester, we will be offering introductory classes in the natural and life sciences, humanities, and economics along with integrated German language classes at the B2/C1 level.

Advising Refugees

The Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling holds special sessions for advising refugees on studying at Freie Universität. These sessions are offered in Arabic, German, English, and Farsi. The various languages are scheduled on different days, so please refer to the schedule. These sessions provide information about what degree programs are offered and how they are organized, as well as details about the bureaucratic formalities required for enrollment.

The Language Center of Freie Universität also holds special office hours for refugees. The advising is offered in Arabic, English, and German.

Buddy program

The program presents students and employees of Freie Universität with various ways to help; whether as conversation partners for those learning the language, by explaining how the study programs in a certain subject are structured, by giving a guided tour of the campus or by helping with applications. Members of the university community can register to become mentors here. Refugees who wish to be assigned a mentor can apply here. There is no deadline for the registration.

Using the University Libraries

Refugees who do not yet have an address (Meldeadresse) may be issued a visitor’s card by the University Library of Freie Universität at no charge. With this card, all the printed and electronic resources of the library may be used on site. The visitor’s card may also be used at all of the other libraries of Freie Universität Berlin.

You are welcome to attend an introduction to using the University Library: "How to Use the University Library and Its Electronic Resources."

UniSport courses 

Starting August 2016 the university summer sport courses start and selected courses are open and free of charge to all Welcome@FU participants. These offers are financed by the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sports and are part of a particpatarory program. For more information please visit this site.


Registration is usually possible on a rolling basis. However, some parts of the program have different application deadlines.It is advised to check the site for updates regularly. Please use the online form to apply for the program.