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Cool, Calm, Collected at International Conferences

TypeTwo-day course
InstructorRic Oquita
Number of Places10
There are vacanciesnein

9:00-17:00 h

StartMay 10, 2010—May 11, 2010

Student Profile

Advanced doctoral candidates and post-docs within DRS

Course Description


This workshop aims to provide participants with the necessary skills to successfully and appealingly present scientific papers at conferences, and to be able to confidently defend results during discussions.


The workshop is focused on the speaker - the presentation and thinking on your feet during the Q&A session. Following impromptu presentation practice, participants will be asked to write short presentations to be critiqued in simulated scenarios, including intensified discussions. Participants will receive individual feedback on the effectiveness of their presentation skills.

Throughout the one-day workshop, participants will be guided through playful exercises to improve non-verbal communication, improving the ability to listen and react generously, and to integrate focusing techniques which empower the speaker.


The participants will be guided through playful exercises to improve non-verbal communication. Exercises include relaxation, intonation, pronunciation, tempo, and text analysis activities. Other techniques used are improvisation games, theater activities, and oratorical strategies followed by individualized feedback from the trainer.

  • Preparing a talk and discussion in English
  • Involving the audience in one’s talk
  • Improving body language
  • Dealing with harsh questioning
  • Enhancing the Q&A Session


Ric Oquita, Impulsplus, specialised in interpersonal communication skills
B.A. and M.A. in Theatre Arts, University of Southern California and Cornell University
Theatre Director, Choreographer, associate producer and education director