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Conference Technology

Bild: Mikrofone
Microphones Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin
Bild: PenPresenterLaserpointer
Laser pointers and pen pointers Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin
Bild: Visualizer
Visualizer Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin
  • PC: A PC running Windows XP is installed in each lectern. The following programs are available: MS Office Professional 2003, Powerpoint Viewer 2007, E-Chalk, Adobe Acrobat Reader, VLC-Player.

  • WACOM Cintiq 21’’ interactive pen display: Using the pen, you can add hand-written annotations to a Powerpoint presentation, or with E-chalk use the display like a whiteboard or a chalkboard.

  • USB wireless presenter: To change slides in MS PowerPoint or Acrobat, you can use the wireless presenter with laser pointer.

  • Visualizer: With the visualizer, it is possible to present documents, objects, or slides on a computer projector. Writing on slides is not necessary since the pages are filmed. Up to nine images can be saved in advance of an event. Instruction manual for Visualizer Wolfvision VZ-9plus

  • Projectors / computer projectors: All the rooms of the Henry Ford Building are equipped with video / data projectors. Double projections are possible in the lecture halls A and C.

  • DVD players / video players: In the lecture halls, Max Kade Auditorium, and the Academic Senate Hall, the players can be controlled via the AMX control in the lectern, all with a preview feature.

  • Microphone technology: It is possible to use a headset or lapel microphone, a hand microphone, and a lectern microphone in each lecture hall. In the Max Kade Auditorium 2 lapel mics and up to 6 hand mics can be used simultaneously. In addition, in each hall a discussion system can be installed with the desired number of places for delegates. Extensions of the microphone technology are possible on request.

  • Chalk boards: Traditional chalk boards are installed in the lecture halls B, C, and D.

  • Projection in other lecture halls: It is possible to project events in several lecture halls (both the source projected in the main hall, e.g., PC or Notebook, and the audio signal).

  • MP3 recording: Up to two events can be recorded simultaneously with compact flash recorders.