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South Valley University

South Valley University (SVU) is a vibrant, nationally recognized student-centered research institution with an enrollment of 45,030 in the Academic Year 2009/2010. SVU is focused on delivering high-quality undergraduate instruction, advancing its growing graduate division, and fostering significant research activities.

The University attracts students from every governorate of Egypt and some other countries. Its 1445 faculty members have been trained at some of the world's finest institutions and they bring a global perspective to the university that enhances the learning environment

In South Valley University, postgraduate studies are an important element in the affair-care of academic personnel, both MSc and PhD researchers. The University has recently opened up the opportunity for all researchers to do their postgraduate studies, on the premise that they come up with efficient results and contributive outcomes to keep close to the criteria of quality assurance adopted by South Valley University. Needles to say, the different campus faculties will definitely give a chance to applied-oriented researches which will inevitably serve all community.