Cairo University

Cairo University (formerly the Egyptian University and King Fou’ad the First University) is a large prestigious public university in Giza, Egypt. It is a leading academic institution in the Middle East. Founded on December 21, 1908, as the result of an effort to establish a national center for educational thought. Several constituent colleges preceded the establishment of the university including the College of Engineering in 1816, which was shut down by the Khedive of Egypt and Sudan,  in 1854. Cairo University was founded as a European-inspired civil university and became the prime indigenous model for other state universities in the region. Cairo University includes 19 Faculties and 8 Institutes and Centers that enroll more than 160,000 students annually. Faculties according to alphabetic order are Agriculture, Archaeology, Arts, Commerce, Computer and Information Science, Dar El-Olum, Economics and Political Science, Engineering,  Kindergarten, Law, Mass Communications, Medicine, Nursing, Oral Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiopherapy, Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning, Veterinary Medicine

Alumni of Cairo University include eminent scientists and artists, as well as governmental leaders. Among its graduates are a former Secretary General of the United Nations, the current and  former Secretary General of the Arab League, Arab Presidents and Heads of State, the former judges at the International Court of Justice, the Egyptian to be nominated for a Nobel Prize in Literature "Taha Hussain", the Writer and Philosopher Naguib Mahfouz, who won 1988 Nobel Prize in Literature, the Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Imperial College London "Magdi Yacoub"  and so many others.

The Faculty of Law is one of Cairo University’s oldest faculties and heads the Arab Union for Faculties of Law. The Faculty of Law includes three main undergraduate sections: the Arabic Section with the majority of students; the English Section, which was the first department offering legal education in English across Egypt; and the French Section, which operates in association with the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne.

The Medical School was one of the first medical schools in Africa and the Middle East. Its first building was donated by Alaini Pasha. It has since undergone extensive expansion. The first president of Cairo University, then known as the Egyptian University, was Professor Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed. The university aims excellence in providing higher education services to meet the needs of the national, regional and international communities, and the effective continuous contribution in achieving Egypt’s social and economic development. This mission is to be accomplished through a commitment to international standards of excellence in the fields of education, research and community service, as well as the integration of personnel, technology and business systems, and the development of the university’s human resources.

The Faculty of  Pharmacy is known to be one of the best institutes at the national, regional and international levels, known for its originality and lead in the continuous development, to disseminate knowledge and science and to achieve distinct services to the institutions of the civil society.

The Faculty of Engineering constitutes an educational and research institutions with a positive image of the Orient and the Higher Education sector at the Arab level. It is now a technical Academy of supply in the fields of production specialists from different branches of scientific and practical qualifications to keep abreast of progress and development of technical education.

The Faculty of Commerce has teamed up with Georgia State University, J. Mark Robinson College of Business in early 2007 to offer the Undergraduate Program in Business.Focused on contemporary, real-world problems and taught by a practice-oriented faculty, the Undergraduate Program prepares students to tackle even the most complex challenges facing leaders in today's global business environment. The students will be taught with hands-on experience and skills to build their future careers.