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The quality of counseling, therapy, or career recommendations for refugees heavily depends on the quality of the initial psychological assessment and on the quality of the diagnostic process as a whole. For instance, finding the best career opportunities is a hopeless endeavor if strengths and occupational interest have not been identified properly. While ample psychological instruments for such purposes are available in German or English language, instruments that are properly adapted to language and culture of refugees are sparse. Therefore, we founded "diagnostics across borders".


This initiative pursues two main goals

• to provide information about currently available diagnostic questionnaires that are already adapted (according to scientific standards) to language and culture of refugees and that can be used to tailor-suite counselling, therapy, and career services.

• to adapt the diagnostic questionnaires currently needed as part of the process of integrating and welcoming refugees.


We as founders of this initiative have ample expertise in developing, selecting, administering, and interpreting a huge variety of psychological questionnaires and are devoted to doing our utmost to provide a high level of psychological assessment for many aspects of refugees’ lifes.