Founded in 2007, the Dahlem Humanities Center builds on the most complete range of disciplines in the humanities to be found in Germany. In order to focus this wealth of departments and activities, it provides an overarching, interdisciplinary research framework for inquiries into the forms, principles, and effects of cultural dynamics in a globalizing world.

By emphasizing the dynamic dimension of culture, the Dahlem Humanities Center promotes the mediation of the study of literature and the fine arts, which focuses on individual “works,” with the historical disciplines, which have always privileged the phenomenon of transformation in their research questions, epistemological objectives, and methodology. In integrating these two axes, the overall objective of the Dahlem Humanities Center is to contribute to a general theory of cultural dynamics.

The Dahlem Humanities Center will create two networks which are essential to its mission: a host of new programs and activities will form the basis for close cooperation with non-university research and cultural institutions in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. In addition, collaboration with Humanities Centers at distinguished universities in the United States and in Europe not only substantiates the Center’s international orientation, but also promises to generate impulses for research in the humanities in Berlin in general.