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Open Access and E-Publishing

FU Open Access Logo
FU Open Access Logo

The Freie Universität Berlin is among the signatories of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and is a cooperating partner for Informationsplattform Open Access.

Publishing Digital Academic Journals

The Freie Universität Berlin supports its academic staff with e-journal publication projects. The Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) provides technical infrastructure, advice and related services.

Open Access Publishing Fund

To encourage Open Access at the Freie Universität Berlin a publishing fund for authors has been established, financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG and the University. This fund is managed by the University Library.

Freie Universität Berlin Institutional Repositories


The FU Institutional Repositories are maintained by the University Library. FU members and faculty can publish and self-archive theses and relevant academic work in line with the Open Access Initiative.

The University Library undertakes to archive, index, and store the electronic documents on a permanent basis, and ensure that they are retrievable via the FU Digital Library, appropriate library catalogs, and search engines.

FU students may also self-archive their work in the Institutional Repositories if they have a written recommendation to this effect from their tutor.

Submitting Dissertations in Digital format

FU members who wish to submit their doctoral dissertations or habilitation theses in electronic format will find information on how to do so at the website of the University Library.