17 Prozent der Studierenden an der Freien Universität kommen aus dem Ausland.
More than 17% of the students at Freie Universitaet come from abroad. Image Credit: Peter Himsel

A central objective of Freie Universitaet Berlin is to establish, extend, and coordinate international relationships. The International Office is responsible for implementing exchange, scholarship, and mobility programs; for supervising foreign guests; and for advising those planning to go abroad. The International Office serves students, scholars, and scientists who are planning to study or work abroad, as well as those who have arrived here from a foreign country for study or research purposes.

Worldwide Exchange in Research

Internationality also always means diversity in knowledge and experience. This diversity is present in the student body of Freie Universitaet, with more than 17% of its students coming from abroad. It is also reflected in the increase in the number of visits from delegations of foreign universities and ministries of education. Freie Universitaet has more than 100 partner universities, and for years has placed among the top positions in rankings by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Exchanges conducted between foreign scientists and scholars in the context of teaching, research, and specialist congresses all function not only to expand course offerings at the respective guest universities, but also enrich research in general.  Worldwide research exchange is enhanced by the active membership of Freie Universitaet in many international organizations.