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Coral reefs are of great importance for the ecosystems of the oceans, and they are fascinatingly beautiful.

Diving into Research

Christina Braoun, a student enrolled in a master’s degree program in biology, travels to Borneo with a team of researchers to study corals.

Oct 05, 2016Read More
It is still easy to imagine the splendor of the Roman baths.

Joys of Bathing in Antiquity

Monika Trümper, a professor of classical archaeology, studies the history of baths in antiquity – and the physical culture that existed at the time.

Oct 05, 2016Read More
Students and researchers from Freie Universität do field work in the savanna in  Chimfunshi.

The Savanna as a Lecture Hall

In a unique course, students observe chimpanzees in Zambia.

Oct 05, 2016Read More