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Dr. Haike Antelmann
Professor of Molecular Microbiology

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy
Institute of Biology
Molecular Microbiology

Königin-Luise-Straße 12-16, 14195 Berlin

Phone (Office)+49 30 838 512 21
HomepageProf. Dr. Haike Antelmann

Areas of Expertise

  • Molecular microbiology
  • Redox biology of bacteria
  • Infection biology

Dr. Anna Gorbushina
Professor of Geomicrobiology

Department of Earth Sciences
Institute of Geological Sciences
Mineralogy and Petrology

Malteserstraße 74-100, 12249 Berlin

Phone (Office)+49 30 8104 1400
HomepageProf. Dr. rer. nat. Anna Gorbushina

Areas of Expertise

  • Geomicrobiology: the study of microscopic fungi that live on the surface of rocks, also deals with associated microorganisms including algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, etc. that settle on all solid/air interfaces forming "sub-aerial biofilms"
  • Biodeterioration (and material protection)
  • Global aspects of fungal impact on terrestrial surface
  • Intelligent building materials
  • Stresstolerance in rock-inhabiting microbes

Dr. Rupert Mutzel
Professor of Biology

Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy
Institute of Biology

Schwendener Straße 1, 14195 Berlin

Phone (Office)+49 30 838 531 16
HomepageAG Prof. Dr. Rupert Mutzel

Areas of Expertise

  • Microbiology
  • Evolution
  • Signal transduction processes in a eukaryotic microorganism
  • Experimental evolution

Dr. Jürgen Zentek
Professor of Animal Nutrition

Department of Veterinary Medicine
Institute of Animal Nutrition

Brümmerstr. 34, 14195 Berlin

Phone (Office)+49 30 838 54245
Phone (Assistant)+49 30 838 52256
HomepageUniv.-Prof. Jürgen Zentek

Areas of Expertise

  • Feed additives
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Micro and molecular biology
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Animal feed