The International Network University

Freie Universität Berlin defines itself as the International Network University - internationality is a key feature of its strategy. The founding of Freie Universität Berlin in 1948 was made possible largely through international support. Ever since, research and teaching at the university have been characterized by international influences.

Through global and regional networks, scientists and scholars have an opportunity to share ideas and advance their research, whereby the focus is on interdisciplinary work and the search for solutions to global challenges. Originally a necessity due to West Berlin’s isolated position several hundred miles outside of Western Germany, internationalization quickly became a successful and sustainable strategy.


As a university of excellence, Freie Universität Berlin follows a first-rate internationalization strategy.


Freie Universität Berlin promotes its internationalization and supports the individual internationalization efforts of the departments, institutes, and members of the university through several divisions.

Social Responsibility

Through programs such as “Scholars at Risk” and “Welcome@FUBerlin,” Freie Universität Berlin meets its international social responsibility, an idea it has followed ever since its founding.

International Professorship for Gender Studies

The international visiting professorship for Gender Studies at Freie Universität Berlin strengthens and internationalizes Gender Studies within the research focus areas and in general research and teaching.