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Campus Library for the Natural Sciences, Cultural Studies, Education, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Psychology

Individual and group work rooms may be reserved.

Jul 08, 2015

Campusbibliothek der Freien Universität Berlin
Campus Library of Freie Universität Berlin Image Credit: Stefan Müller-Naumann

The holdings from 24 separate departmental libraries were merged in the Campus Library to form an integrated library with a unique combination of subjects. The thematic foci are on antiquity, East Asia and the Middle East, education, computer science and mathematics, natural sciences, psychology, and religion.

The new library building incorporates the renovated building of the former departmental library for education and psychology as well as a section built on the edge of the new building complex housing the smaller departments of history and cultural studies.

The Campus Library encompasses 10,000 m2 and holds about 1 million volumes. It has almost 1,000 attractive study spaces for library visitors.

Systematic Open Stacks

Two thirds of the holdings of the Campus Library are in open stacks. They are organized in a unified classification system called Regensburg Classification Scheme. The systematic arrangement makes it easier for the user to find them along with related works.

Individual and Group Study Rooms; Parent & Child Room

Overall there are 950 work spaces in the two parts of the library. Attention was paid to creating spaces for various types of needs. Individual and group work rooms may be reserved.

The individual rooms may be reserved by doctoral students, exam candidates in master’s programs, and visiting researchers at the departments of History and Cultural Studies, Education and Psychology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, and Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy.

Group study rooms with work spaces for up to eight persons are available for students of Freie Universität Berlin. There is also a multi-functional room to facilitate small groups.

Additionally, there is a parent and child room for students who are parents to bring their children along when they need to use the library.

Reference Library with Self-checkout

As a departmental library, the Campus Library is a reference library with limited lending. Many of the books are not available for checking out except possibly over the weekend.

Each book is equipped with a chip that on the one hand, helps prevent theft, and on the other hand, allows for self-checkout, helping to avoid long lines at the checkout desk. There is a book return machine at L Street, where books can be returned without waiting for a library employee.

Further Information

For further information, see this website.