II A 2 - Personnel Management

Rudeloffweg 25 - 27
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838 454 538


Individual Position Matters and CeDiS

  • Angelika Alam (II A 2), Tel. +49 30 838 542 55, Fax +49 30 838 454 255,
    Email: a.alam@fu-berlin.de

II A 21 - Individual Position Matters, Deputy Head

for the Dept. of Biology/Chemistry/Pharmacy, the Executive Board, evaluation of externally funded positions

II A 22 - Individual Position Matters

for the Depts. of Veterinary Medicine, Education/Psychology, History/Cultural Studies, Philosophy/Humanities; ZE MvBZ, Language Center; Center for Recreational Sports, Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling, ZI DSE, Div. V

II A 23 -  Individual Position Matters

for the Dept. of Political and Social Sciences and Earth Sciences, BGBM and Div. VI, evaluation of externally funded positions

II A 24 -  Individual Position Matters

for Div. III, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Computing Services (ZEDAT), and libraries

II A 25 - Individual Position Matters, Invoice Processing

for Div. I and IV, School of Business & Economics, Depts. Political and Social Sciences and Law, Inst. for Latin American Studies, John-F.-Kennedy-Institute, Inst. for East European Studies

II A 26 - Editorial Office for Job Advertisements

Individual Position Matters for Div. II, eAS and student assistants (all depts.)

Daniel Müller, Tel. +49 30 838 545 38, Fax +49 30 838 454 538,
Email: stellenwirtschaft@fu-berlin.de

II A 201 – Support Staff Member

II A 2 Trainee - Editorial Office for Job Advertisements, Invoice Processing

Individual Position Matters for student assistants (all depts.)