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Virtual Fair: Partner Universities

Introducing our partner universities:

Freie Universität Berlin maintains a network of five liaison offices located in Beijing, São Paulo, Moscow, New Delhi, and Cairo in addition to several strategic partnerships with leading scientific institutions worldwide. It also maintains more than 100 international partnerships creating a strong international network that brings countless benefits to Freie Universität’s members.

In preparation of our digital International Week 2020, we asked our partners to send us videos and other promotional materials. The following webpages – sorted by region – offer you a chance to get to know our partner universities. Just click on your favorite region on the map above to get a first virtual impression of your next stay abroad!

Staff can find further information on going abroad with Erasmus+ here.

Students can find further information on programs abroad here.

You can choose from the following regions: Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, North America, Oceania. The selection of our partners does not imply any preferences of any kind. Due to the current situation worldwide, many of our partners were not able to respond to our request on such short notice. This is why the selection is far from exhaustive. It represents only some of our partners worldwide. This virtual fair will be a long-term component of the International Week and we plan to expand it constantly. Click here for an overview of all our partner universities.