1. When and how can I terminate my rental contract?

Studentendorf Schlachtensee:
Cancellations must be communicated to and signed at Studentendorf Schlachtensee directly.

Studentenwerk Berlin, Dahlem Apartments and TWENTY FIRST Student Living Apartments:

The rental period at the dormitories of Studentenwerk Berlin and Dahlem Apartments is set to 6 months per semester as follows:

  • Winter semester:          September 1st to February 28th/29th
  • Summer semester:        March 1st to August 31st

The rental contract between the tenant and the landlord (Studentenwerk Berlin / Grünes Wohnen Clayallee 225 GmbH & Co. KG for Dahlem Apartments and TWENTY FIRST Real Estate GmbH for TWENTY FIRST Student Living Apartments) is a fixed-term period.

A termination of the rental contract by the tenant before the end date of the rental agreement is not possible.